About me

Hi guys,

I’m Caro and this is my husband Martin:


Typically you’d find me in the London Media bubble being a project manager & living my life to the full with my wild and nderful friends & family. But I’ve put this on hold to following my amazing, new and shiny husband to live out his dream of living and working abroad so here we are!


We are now settling into our married life in Istanbul, Turkey – whilst the poor country faces attempted coups, terrorist attacks that feel no where near ending and generally a whole lot of bad coverage putting the whole western world off visiting. This has many of our friends asking when we’re coming home but the reality is we are here to stay (well as long as they let us!) and (as long as Martin’s job allows us to stay!). We have come to call our little slice of unsettled Istanbul our beautiful home! We love the passion of the people, the food, the culture, and the general warmth of the Turkish people no matter what they are in the mist of facing.


This blog will be about sharing our journey (mainly from my perspective!) as Mr and Mrs Hogg and the general ups and downs we face trying to get settled into married life (haha!). But more so on our journey to get settled into a country that doesn’t speak much English, and is at a massive point of unsettlement. So please subscribe and join us to hear what life is REALLY like here, we’d love to have you along for the ride and hear what you’re up to too!

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