I thought it was going so well…

Sadly blogging consistently is something I struggle with – I’m either obsessed with it and ‘have to’ keep up the content and planning as if it’s a job or sadly it can also fall by wayside when things get busy – and things got crazy busy! We not only upped sticks and moved to a different area in Istanbul, but we also welcomed our first child into the world. This in our foreign home country with very few English medical professionals on hand – but this is a whole different story to tell you about which will be coming soon!

Fast forwarding – we are now 14 week old parents to a beautiful baby girl which is simply crazy and we just can’t believe our luck and so in love!

I’m also really happy to be back to the blogging world and using my brain, and I’m super excited to have some fresh bits and pieces on the go so watch this space, lots of great things are in the pipeline and coming soon!


Author: carohogg

Hi! My name is Caroline with many people calling me Caro. My husband and I moved out to Istanbul for his job in Summer 2016. This blog will be a place to share what it's like to be be a spouse living abroad, what we're up to and how we're settling into newly married life. The aim is to share our experience and to connect with others people doing similar things and to paint a picture of what living in beautiful Istanbul is really like!

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