Our First Family Car!!!

So just last week we had the pleasure of bringing home our brand new car!!! Words can’t describe how it felt! It’s been a long couple of months waiting for paperwork to be sorted and for countries to pass over the registration and even though we were told ‘it will be next week’ and even ‘it will be on Tuesday’ we had little belief in that being the case. Reason being that we’d be told this a few times and with the referendum approaching we’d sort of understand if it was even more held up (not that we’d be happy about it having already planned where we want to go and how it will help us!)However, we were proved to be incorrect (yesss!!!) and we now have a lovely Jeep in charcoal grey that is a bit of a beefy monster which Martin has bravely been driving around Istanbul in during the peak of the traffic, inpatient drivers and irrational beeping. I on the other hand can barely get in and out of the car – to the point that we might have to invest in a stool to help me in and out!

This car is so much more then a car to us and little can dampen our spirits as it has made us feel one step closer to being sorted for our bundle of joy’s arrival in August! We both couldn’t help but keep looking at the back seat thinking that it won’t be long before our ‘mini us’(god help them!) will be sitting there (probably screaming away to the sounds of the beeping and me looking panicked every time a taxi get’s so close it manages to push in the wing mirror!

So here it is, our beautiful car – it’s very much 2nd hand (at least) and has clocked up a fair few miles, probably seen a wealth of Turkey, has many stories to tell and we look forward to giving it some more. It’s fully kitted with a tape and cd player and neither of which we have music for so looks like we will have some fun tuning into the latest Turkish Radio Stations!


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 09.13.56


Many road trips are planned before the baby comes and we can’t wait to fill you in on where we end up but to start with we headed to Ikea for the meatballs, a good browse and also picked up the baby’s first cuddly toy – a golden labrador… so all in all a successful first jaunt!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 08.42.21


Also, sorry this blog entry is late – my edit i.e my amazing husband has been busy prepping for my 30th so turn around times have slowed a little but hope you can forgive us! The next blog will be following shortly and all about a top 10 gift guide for 1st anniversaries – hope you enjoy! xx


Author: carohogg

Hi! My name is Caroline with many people calling me Caro. My husband and I moved out to Istanbul for his job in Summer 2016. This blog will be a place to share what it's like to be be a spouse living abroad, what we're up to and how we're settling into newly married life. The aim is to share our experience and to connect with others people doing similar things and to paint a picture of what living in beautiful Istanbul is really like!

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