How the Turkish get ready for New Years Eve!

What an experience – who knew that the Turkish celebrate New Year like how we celebrate Christmas! You might be thinking fireworks (kind of banned), family get togethers and parties would be it but oh no, it’s much more than this. They get ready for the arrival of Santa actually known as ‘Noel Baba’ and get their New Year Trees out (Christmas tree to us) then decorate them with everything we would like stars, angels, Noel Baba, reindeers and the rest! Then on New Years Eve Noel Baba comes along and leaves the presents for the children and adults under the tree. Palm trees in shopping malls even get a sparkling of festiveness but that’s when you know you’re not in Blighty!


Many of the Turkish also like to celebrate with a turkey so our fear of not being able to find a turkey in Turkey for Christmas was quickly dispensed especially when a 7.5kg turkey turned up at our door (not by itself!). This was just for Martin, my Dad and I. Do you think we ordered a big enough one?!


It’s not quite New Years Eve yet so I will look forward to give you an update on what the night itself is like! It would be lovely hear about where you are, about any other countries traditions, and how they celebrate the beginning of the new year but in the mean time…


Author: carohogg

Hi! My name is Caroline with many people calling me Caro. My husband and I moved out to Istanbul for his job in Summer 2016. This blog will be a place to share what it's like to be be a spouse living abroad, what we're up to and how we're settling into newly married life. The aim is to share our experience and to connect with others people doing similar things and to paint a picture of what living in beautiful Istanbul is really like!

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